Tips For Photographing Your Pet

  • For maximum impact get close and fill the frame with your subject.
  • Try to make your pet look happy and energetic. Hold a squeaky toy or treats in one hand to help direct their gaze towards the camera.
  • The best shots are the ones that capture your pet’s personality. Try photographing them doing something they love such as playing with their favourite toy.
  • Try shooting at different angles. Your pictures will look more natural if your pet is at eye level with the camera. Squat, crouch and lay on your belly for a more personal and intimate photo.
  • Good lighting is the key. For best results, use an SLR camera with a fast lens that works well in low lighting.
  • Try soft morning or evening light. If you are shooting indoors use natural light such as next to a window or skylight.
  • Avoid using the camera’s built-in flash. It is harsh and puts light right in the animal’s eyes as well as casting unnatural shadows around them.
  • Focus right on your pet’s eyes. This area must be sharp and in focus.
  • Catchlights in your pet’s eyes will capture their mood and expression. This will happen naturally if you seek out good light sources.
  • The trick is to take lots of photos. One of them is bound to be a great photo for a painting.

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