I have always loved Art. Art, animals and nature are my great loves as well as travelling overseas and around this amazingly diverse country I live in.

I was born in Albany in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, moving to Perth when I was quite young. As children we always had animals, mainly dogs but two cats and once a baby lamb that we nursed for a while. Even though we lived in the city we always spent our holidays in the country where I developed a passion for horses, cows and all the other animals we came across.

Dogs especially are a big part of my life and I simply can’t imagine life without them.  Right now I have an 11 year old black Labrador called Henry and he is absolutely the best dog in the world. In March 2013 he developed lymphatic cancer which absolutely knocked me for six because the prognosis was that without chemotherapy he had only about six weeks to live.  As difficult as the treatment was, it passed, and now over 5 years has passed and he is still with me. A couple of years ago he also had a nasty sarcoma on his spleen but that was removed and here he still is, amazing really. In 2017 I adopted a 6.5 year old Chocolate Labrador called Phoebe, and to complete the picture is Riley, a 6 year old Pink and Grey Galah.

Professionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Education. I have worked as an Art Teacher in Junior and Secondary schools and whilst I love teaching, what bothered me most about working full time was that it was extremely draining. There was absolutely no time or energy left for my own work.

In 2010, I decided enough was enough and left my full time job as an Art teacher in a private school and travelled overseas for a few months while I pondered my future. I had an amazing time in the United States and then in Florence, where I leased an apartment, studied Italian and met some wonderful new friends.

It was not until I returned to Australia that I seriously set my mind to developing my own arts practice. At the same time, I began to foster rescue dogs and from there I began to paint them. I love painting animals and feel truly blessed that people entrust to me the painting of their beloved animal friends.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.

Deborah meets Heidi, a Mini Schnauzer Cavalier
Mini Schnauzer X Cavalier pet painting
Heidi, acrylic on canvas 40.6cm x 40.64cm ( 16″ x 16″)