Deborah Cullen is based in Yallingup in the beautiful South West region of Western Australia. She paints exclusive pet portraits in a realistic, yet fun and contemporary style. Detail and colour are important elements in her work and blend with her ideas and feelings to immortalise the unique personalities of the pets she paints. Deborah is passionate about animal welfare and gives back to the community by regularly contributing to various animal charities and fostering rescue dogs from time to time.


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It is estimated that in Australia the pet population exceeds the human population by over 4 million, with a massive 60% of households owning at least one pet. Not surprisingly, the most popular choice of pet is a dog, closely followed by cats. 

Pets often very quickly become an integral part of a family and can offer companionship, emotional support and love to their owners. They also give children the opportunity to learn about the responsibilities of caring for a pet. The loss of a pet can often be felt as deeply as the loss of a family member or close friend, and memories of the pet are cherished for a lifetime by those who have been touched by the love of an animal companion.

Deborah Cullen, the founder of Paintmypet based in the South West region of Perth, is a devoted dog owner, has an affinity with all animals and understands the deep bonds that are created by pets and their owners. Her sublime talent, however, is creating custom animal and pet portraiture.  A quick look through her portfolio of dog, cat and other pet portraits, including horses and farm animals commissioned by clients around Perth and all over Australia will attest to her skill in recreating a detailed visual likeness of her subject that somehow encapsulates their true spirit and character.

Despite having a successful career as an art teacher, Deborah left the profession to follow her passion as a full time artist creating realistic hand painted pet portraits and other wildlife. Working with acrylic on either canvas or wood panels, your pet portrait can be recreated from just one good quality photograph or for alternative portrait options a greater range of images is probably best. Detail in the portrait is dependent on the detail visible in the chosen photograph, and working to exacting standards means that Deborah may not undertake a portrait if the photograph is not up to scratch. Take a look at Deborahs tips for taking a good photograph of your pet before you select yours for submission.

When creating your custom pet portrait Deborah demonstrates her commitment to producing a quality product that reflects the pet the way that you remember them. Satisfied customers and personal testimonies are the mainstay of Deborahs continued success in her venture.

Deborah specialises in head and shoulders portraits on a simple background although she will be happy to discuss your request for an alternative style portrait. Full body portraits, extra animals on one canvas and more detailed backgrounds are possible but take considerably more time to produce. Available in a wide range of sizes from a discreet 8” x 8” to an impressive 36” x 48” all portraits will be presented ready to hang in your desired location.

So, if you would like to acquire a wonderful memory of a loved pet, Paintmypet will produce a contemporary pet portrait that will last for generations. Contact Deborah today to discuss exactly how she can help you.