Ringo – Kelpie & Blue Heeler Mix Dog Portrait


DOG PORTRAIT Ringo - Kelpie & Blue Heeler  X Acrylic on Wooden Panel 20.32cm x 25.40cm (08″ x 10″) Private Commission: Emma (Sorrento, Perth WA)) Commissioned as a gift. "Ringo is very smart. He loves walking off lead, cuddles on the couch and his mums Viola and Alessia! He is curious, spritely, [...]

Annie – Kelpie x Border Collie Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Annie - Kelpie x Border Collie Acrylic on canvas 25.40cm x 30.48cm (10″ x 12″) Private Commission: Jan (East Melbourne, VIC) Annie - Kelpie x Border Collie "Annie is a loving and friendly dog who is part of the extended family. If she is to be left for [...]

Digger – Hunterway Kelpie Dog Portrait


DOG PORTRAIT Digger, Hunterway Kelpie Acrylic on Canvas, 25.40cm x 30.48cm Private Commission, Phoebe (Corrigin, WA) "Digger was the most gorgeous dog. He had the most shiny coat and any one who visited the farm would comment on how he was such a good looking dog. He was tall with big ears. Always [...]

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