Project Description


Annie – Kelpie x Border Collie

Acrylic on canvas 25.40cm x 30.48cm (10″ x 12″)
Private Commission: Jan (East Melbourne, VIC)

Annie – Kelpie x Border Collie

“Annie is a loving and friendly dog who is part of the extended family. If she is to be left for a full day on her own, she would more than likely be dropped off with someone to make sure she was walked and had company. Sometimes this involves going to a rehab physio practice where she loves playing with the balls and putting a smile on the face of all the patients. Annie would visit a park twice a day, and chase a ball or a stick for as long as you would play with her. Whilst she is an inner city dog, she frequently visits the family vineyard where she loves to run and chase anything.

She is is gentle, playful and loves a cuddle. In the car, she insists on the front seat even if someone is sitting there. She is an integral part of the family.”

“Divine, You are one talented woman. Thank you!” (Jan)