Project Description


Baxter – Golden Labrador

Acrylic on wooden panel 30.50cm x 40.64cm (12″ x 16″)

Private Commission: Sandee and Shaun (Toowoomba, QLD)

Custom Dog Portraits Australia

Baxter, 10 years and 15 months old, painted in memory of a beautiful boy.

“Baxter had an absolute love of life!  He was our ‘happy dog’.  When walking him or taking him to the dog park, people would often comment, ‘What a beautiful dog’.  I’d always respond, ‘What about me?’.  They’d find this funny and reiterate, ‘What a beautiful dog’.  Baxter was kind, loyal and a little bit cheeky, a real mix of both my husband’s and my personalities.  While deeply affectionate, he also liked his own space.  If we were all sitting in a park or on the lawn, Baxter would play with us for a while, then find a spot to lie several metres from us … funny?  He absolutely loved his red Kong frisbee.  My husband could throw it so far, and when he was younger Baxter would race and catch it easily!  He had this habit of hanging it off his front teeth and would tease us by waving it near us, but not letting it go.  As you can tell, our beautiful Baxter brought so much joy to our lives, and it’s so sad that he’s now gone ☹.”