Project Description


Digger, Hunterway Kelpie

Acrylic on Canvas, 25.40cm x 30.48cm
Private Commission, Phoebe (Corrigin, WA)

“Digger was the most gorgeous dog. He had the most shiny coat and any one who visited the farm would comment on how he was such a good looking dog. He was tall with big ears. Always alert and had fear of missing out on anything. Luke my partner would take him every where with him on the farm all day. In the header for harvest, seeding time in the tractor or trips to perth in the truck. Where ever Luke was, so was Digger.

Digger loved to have sticks thrown to him. No matter what paddock you would be in for harvest, he would find one and bring to some one to have a stick thrown for him. Some days if Luke couldnt take him,  he would play musical headers as he just loved to be part of every ones day.  All the workers loved him …..  he also hated the heat and would run to shade or air con whereever it was.

Digger was a natural sheep dog and needed very little training. He loved sheep and would get excited if you mentioned the word “Sheepies” to him, and Kangaroos and Rabbits.

Digger was also one of the biggest sooks. He was very gentle with babies and children and loved playing with Luke’s nieces. If he ever stepped in a  prickle he would just stop and make you come to him as hopping on 3 legs to you was not an option. He was a gentle eater and would gently take anything out of your hand.

Digger was the one of kind dog you have and will never forget”.