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Lucy – Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Boxer Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Lucy - Brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Boxer Acrylic on Canvas 20.32cm x 25.40cm (08″ x 10″) Private Commission: Laura (Palmyra, WA) In memory of 16 year old Lucy. "Lucy was playful right to the end, she always had a toy in her mouth. She was incredibly cuddly and loved [...]

Lucinda Ann (Lucy) – Border Collie X Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Lucinda Ann (Lucy) - Border Collie X Staffy Acrylic on Wood Panel 30.48cm x 30.48cm (12″ x 12″) Private Commission: Christina (Dover Heights, NSW) In memory of 12 year old Lucy. "Lucy was a very sweet and sensitive dog, who loved to be around people. She had a real soft spot [...]

Millie – Blonde Golden Retriever Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Millie - Blonde Golden Retriever Acrylic on Paper 25.40cm x 30.48cm  (10″ x 12″) Private Commission: Nicola (Yallingup, WA) Millie, a 14.5 year old Blonde Golden Retriever was commissioned as a gift. "It's beautiful, you are very talented".

Millie – Blonde Golden Retriever Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Millie - Blonde Golden Retriever Acrylic on canvas 45.72cm x 45.72cm 18″ x 18″ Private Commission: Nicola (Yallingup, WA) Commissioned in memory of 14.5 year old Millie. "She was the sweetest, softest, well behaved dog ever, very kind and loyal who loved people and cuddles. Fav pass time was to [...]

Portia – Rhodesian Ridgeback x Dog Portrait


DOG PORTRAIT Portia - Rhodesian Ridgeback X Acrylic on canvas 20.32cm x 25.40cm     08″ x 10″ Private Commission: Lucy (Toombul, QLD) In memory of Princess Portia. Adopted when she was 4 years old after twice becoming homeless. She landed on her feet though and was a much loved member of [...]

Ruby & Bella – King Charles Cavaliers – Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Ruby and Bella - King Charles Cavaliers Acrylic on canvas 30.50cm x 40.64cm  (12″ x 16″) Private Commission: Phyllis (Floreat Park, WA) Commissioned as a gift, Ruby 10 years and Bella 8 years old. "Ruby is a real foodie. She gets very excited when it’s dinner time, like she has [...]

Celeste – Toy Poodle Dog Portrait


DOG PORTRAIT Celeste - Black Toy Poodle Acrylic on wood panel 22.86cm x 30.48cm (09″ x 12″) Private Commission: Sarah (Glendalough, Perth, WA) Commissioned as a gift in memory of Celeste, a 17 year old Toy Poodle. "Celeste was very loyal to our mother, following her around all day. She became very [...]

Charlie – Labradoodle Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Charlie - Mocha, light brown Labradoodle Acrylic on wood panel 40.64cm x 40.64cm (16″ x 16″) Private Commission: Hank (Ainslie, ACT) Charlie, a much loved 11 year old Labradoodle was commissioned as a Christmas present. "Charlie is a chilled, friendly, non aggressive, and very loving and affectionate dog. "You've created [...]

Roxy – Maltalier Dog Portrait Painting


DOG PORTRAIT Roxy - White, grey and black Maltalier Acrylic on canvas 22.86cm x 30.48cm (09″ x 12″) Private Commission: Christopher (Bellmore, New York) In memory of Roxy, an 11 year old Maltalier "the happiest dog you will ever meet, wagged her tail until the very end". "It looks incredible. The whole family [...]

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