Project Description


Ziggy, Rhodesian Ridgeback

Acrylic on Canvas, 60.96cm x 60.96cm
Private Commission, Sara (Paddington, QLD)

“Ziggy was a big cuddly teddy bear. He would snuggle in our laps at every opportunity. He loved the beach and we spent endless hours there together. In his early days he loved to run flat out down the beach at full speed. He was scared of lots of things, including doors moving in the breeze and aluminium foil. He wasn’t the bravest dog. His best friend was Midgie the mini foxy who was the same age. We rescued her from the shelter when Ziggy was 6. She was so small that his head was bigger than her entire body. He looked after her from the start and gave her a big lick across her little face at every opportunity.  Soon she was the boss and he was her body guard! When they played he would be so gentle, even when she would nip him on the ear and chase him around the house barking. We lost Ziggy very suddenly to leukaemia, he was enjoying playing in the sunshine at the park just 2 days before we said goodbye. It was an aggressive cancer and he couldn’t fight it. Midgie is very sad now but we are trialling a foster doggy to see if she enjoys the company. So far she prefers Ziggy by far!”