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Twinkle – Mini Lop Rabbit


RABBIT PORTRAIT Twinkle, 3 year old Mini Lop Rabbit Acrylic on Canvas, 20.32cm x 25.4cm Private Commission, Freya (Ivanhoe, VIC) "Twinkle is sweet but cheeky (eats the tender shoots from the veggie garden if not covered with chicken wire); lively and loves company (will always hop around the feet of Mikali’s Mum while [...]

Nioka – Border Coller X Springer Spaniel Dog Portrait


Nioka, Border Collie X Springer Spaniel Acrylic on canvas 20.32cm x 20.32cm (08" x 08") Private Commission, Ross & Selvi (NSW) Truly amazing and life like!  They have taken pride of place on the wall in our little conservatory as visitors/guests make their way to our kitchen - [...]

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