Project Description


Edi –  Chimera Cat

Acrylic on Canvas, 25.40cm x 30.48cm 10″ x 12″
Private Commission, Jane (Murrumbeena, VIC)

“Edi is a beautiful natured cat with loads of personality.

Curious, playful, sneaky, lightning quick, and known to be nicknamed ‘Needy Edi’ because after being left alone for the day, she will not leave your side, and will even accompany you to the bathroom!

Her favourite activities, apart from sleeping and cuddling up are chastising possums and the next door neighbour’s dog; scaling the front wire door in an attempt to escape (they actually built a cat proof fence to curb her repeated escape attempts) and assisting with making the bed which resulted in her being locked in the linen cupboard overnight.

When I was housesitting I found her sitting inside the dishwasher after looking for her for ages!”