Project Description


Bonnie –  Golden Retriever
Maggie –  Gordon Setter

Acrylic on Canvas, 25.40cm x 35.56cm 10″ x 14″
Private Commission, Chelsea (Adelaide, SA)

“Bonnie was known for her playful personality and beautiful demeanour. She loved spending time and being around everyone in the family and always greeted you with a wagging tail and a toy in her mouth. Very friendly and outgoing, she thoroughly enjoyed runs down the beach and park and was always up for a game of fetch. Bonnie was a much loved pet for many years and provided the family with lots of wonderful memories”

“Maggie was an easygoing and even-tempered dog who often looked as though she was deep in thought. Incredibly intelligent, she built a reputation early on as being a food ‘guts,’ often pinching the lunch you were preparing for yourself or the cake at a BBQ. Though reserved around strangers, Maggie was a very well-mannered and loyal family dog.

Bonnie and Maggie were the best of friends right up until their last moments and they will forever be missed”.